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Sunburned Eyes: Protecting your eyes from the sun.

Chances are you’re familiar with preventative measures to protect your skin from sunburn, but did you know your eyes are susceptible to sunburn too? That’s right. Your eyes are prone to sunburn, just like your skin. However, let’s assume you avoid actual sunburned eyes. Do you really need to worry about a little sun exposure […]

Symptoms and Treatments for Low-Testosterone

Maybe you’ve heard the term “Low-T” but are you really familiar with what it is? Understand the symptoms and treatments for low testosterone. If your sizzle has started to fizzle, your energy is in the gutter, or you’re experiencing noticeable changes physically, mentally, and emotionally, it could be low testosterone, commonly referred to as “Low-T.” […]

From Productive to Dangerous: How to manage stress for a happier, healthier you.

Stress. We know you can’t avoid it, but we want to help you manage stress to prevent long-term adverse health problems. Stress is a natural reaction in our brain and body to respond to situations. However, it is important to understand and differentiate between the types of stress, when it is helpful and productive versus […]

15 Reasons to try the SHAPE ReClaimed Health Transformation Program

From pain to brain fog to low energy, if you’re suffering with any of the below symptoms, the Shape ReClaimed may be the solution. Here are out top 15 reasons to try our SHAPE ReClaimed Program. Reduce Inflammation Inflammation is an underlying cause of several medical conditions and symptoms including diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, joint […]