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Winter Joint Health

This time of year we like to remind our patients of our favorite treatments and remedies for winter joint health. Due to the chilly temperatures and lessened activity, winter weather can lead to muscle and joint stiffness for all. If you experience increased joint pain during the winter, you’re not alone. Erynn Kay, PA-C Primary Care and Functional Medicine expert at Vibrant Health of Colorado recommends a few preventative measures and treatments:

Exercises to Relieve Winter Joint Pain

When the weather grows colder, many of us reduce our exercise and activity levels. As such, our joints can become stiff. To loosen stiff joints and assist in the relief of pain, Erynn recommends light, low impact exercises such as walking or swimming. Visit your local health club for socially distanced lap swims or to walk on a treadmill. Exercise is crucial to your health and wellbeing all year long. As an added bonus it can help lift your mood during the cold and gray months!

Supplements to Relieve Winter Joint Pain

You should always consult your physician or care provider before adding any supplement to your health routine. Erynn recommends her patients who experience winter joint pain add a variety of supplements including Glucosamine/Chondrotin, MSM, Turmeric, Fish Oil, and Collagen or Gelatin. These scientifically proven supplements and peptides aid in joint health. Supplements for joint health are available in oils, pills, and capsules.

Other Treatments for Winter Joint Pain

If you feel winter weather is especially hard on your joints, we recommend bundling up in proper attire before any outdoor activity! Staying warm and staying hydrated is especially important to our Colorado patients enjoying the outdoors this time of year. In addition to proper hydration, ensure you’re eating a well-balanced diet that includes lean proteins, healthy fats, and colorful fruits and vegetables. Managing a weight that’s healthy for your body can assist in the relief of joint pain all year long. If you’re interested in our Shape ReClaimed program for healthy weight management please speak to our team!