Vibrant Health of Colorado - Why Supplements Aren't "One Size Fits All"

Why Supplements Aren’t “One Size Fits All”

As medical practitioners, we’re often asked what the “right” supplements for our patients are and why supplements aren’t “one size fits all.” If only practicing the art of medicine was this easy! Every human body is different, every body’s supplemental and nutritional needs vary. Because of this, handing out a variety of multi-vitamins and high-quality supplements to every patient that walks in the door is careless and ineffective.

What Are Dietary Supplements?

Vibrant Health of Colorado believes in proper supplemental support when needed. We take great pride in our commitment to finding healthy solutions that fuel your body’s vital functions. Though dietary supplements have gained in popularity over the years, many patients are still unsure of what they are.  Dietary supplements are substances used to provide nutritional support in an effort to prevent or treat certain health issues. Supplements are available in a variety of forms including pills, capsules, powders, liquids, and extracts. Therefore, supplements complement a healthy diet to ensure your body has the proper amount of vitamins needed to support a healthy lifestyle.

Who Should Take Dietary Supplements?

You might be wondering if you should take a supplement every day? In regards to this, your Vibrant Health Care of Colorado care provider can help you find the right answer! In fact, if you’re considering adding any supplement to your daily routine you should consider speaking with your doctor. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to proper supplementation. Most people can obtain the right amount of vitamins and nutrients in a well-balanced diet. Your healthcare provider may suggest a specific regimen of supplemental support after comprehensive testing and an examination of your diet.

What Supplements Should You Take?

Vitamins are organic compounds essential for good health. Supplements are manufactured nutrients that help support our body’s health. As supplements aren’t strictly regulated, it’s vitally important to speak with your healthcare provider before taking supplements you buy over the counter. Your healthcare provider at Vibrant Health of Colorado will assess your nutritional needs and deficits before connecting you with the correct supplements and amounts of vitamin and herbal support. Our clinic works with WholeScripts to ensure that supplement prescription and delivery is both easy and affordable.